Custom Bars = Custom Pricing

Every bar is built custom to the geometry of the body of the rider and the geometry of the frame they're being built for; so the price is determined by what we're building, taking in to account what materials we're going to use and how much labor is involved. Our custom bars range from $500 - 2000 USD. 

On the low end we can take a already made bar (such as the scatto) and an already made stem (any carbon stem): that you provide and put them together to make a bar stem combo. The high end starts at a proprietary bar stem design, we make the bar and the stem as one piece.

If you would like to move forward, the next step is that you answer a questionnaire that you can find bellow. It would help if you copy and pasted the whole questionnaire into an email and sent it to us answered. 

After that we can give you a more precise quote. 

Then you pay the deposit and we start building. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 



what is your height and weight? 

where are you located?

What's your highest wattage output?

Is the bar for track or road riding?

What type of racing do you primary do?

Am I using one of my proprietary bars or am I creating a bar stem combo from a pre made bar and stem? 

If I'm making from one of my proprietary bars am I providing the stem or are you providing the stem? 

If I'm providing the stem do you want an open end stem, a closed end stem like the FES style or a closed end stem with removable top like the shimano pro?

If I'm using one of our proprietary designs we have created (any width and stem length change is fine) or does the base design need to change ?

Are we adding Kevlar? 

What finish carbon do you want? Uni , 3k , 12k , something else.

What frame do you ride?

What size is it?

What is the head tube angle of your frame? (Sending us a Geo chart would be better).   

What width bar do you usually ride?

What length stem do you usually ride?

Do you like a deep drop like the Eastons, a shallow drop like the scattos, something in the middle, or something completely custom?  

Do you have any major races coming up?

Do you have a time constraint that you need the bars by? 


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